plus ultra!

☆ p r o f i l e ☆

march 23
ambivert; xnfp-t

☆ i n t e r e s t s ☆

☆ shades of magic trilogy [v.e. schwab]
all for the game trilogy [nora sakavik]
six of crows duology [leigh bardugo]

☆ boku no hero academia
☆ haikyuu!!
yuri!!! on ice
kimi no nawa
bungo stray dogs

☆ - comfort characters

☆ midoriya izuku [bnha]
jirou kyouka [bnha]
todoroki shouto [bnha]
uraraka ochako [bnha]
☆ hinata shouyou [hq]
☆ bokuto koutarou [hq]
☆ akaashi keiji [hq]
neil josten [aftg]
dan wilds [aftg]
☆ lila bard [adsom]
kell maresh [adsom]
rhy maresh [adsom]

☆ andreil [aftg]
kaznej [soc]
ninej [soc]
wesper [soc]
☆ kellila [adsom]
☆ rhylucard [adsom]

☆ tododeku [bnha]
kiribaku [bnha]
☆ momojirou [bnha]
uratsusyu [bnha]
☆ kagehina [hq]
☆bokuaka [hq]
kiyoyachi [hq]
☆ daisuga [hq]
viktuuri [yoi]
makoharu [free!]
soukoku [bsd]

☆ before you follow, take note of the following!

i am emotionally unstable. my moods are always all over the place.i sometimes get depressive episodes and i might tweet or rant about it, though that's usually reserved for my responses [to tweets or dms] are very inconsistent. please don't think i'm ignoring you.i try to stay out of drama and discourse.i softblock for a reason. whether i say it or not is my choice.there are times when i unf people i haven't been close to even if i've been mutuals with them for a long timei sometimes curse in my tweets!!

☆ don't follow me if the following applies to you ☆

you are racist, homophobic, islamophobic and invalidate sexualities or spread hate in any ship unhealthy/abusive/incestuous/pedophilic relationships (ex: sheith, bakudeku, etc.)same goes with supporting content with unhealthy/abusive/pedophilic relationships in books, anime, and other representations in other hate on my comfort characters for no valid are problematic and/or often involved in petty fights or drama.